About One Kingdom

The core of our ministry is about empowerment through discipleship. As God raises up leaders around the world, we seek to equip them with tools, resources, knowledge, and people in their lives that allows their culture to flourish.

Who we are

We are a Christian nonprofit organization that is dedicated to discipling nations in their own language and culture by advancing the Gospel.

what we do

Our three areas of ministry include Biblical Worldview Training, Disaster Relief and Recovery, and Cultural Development.

our story

Since 1963, God has allowed us the opportunity to make a global impact for His Kingdom through our ministries World Radio and WFR Relief.

Where We Work:

Each pin indicates a nation or region in which we work, support, and have trusted contacts that are engaged in transforming their culture through the Gospel of Christ. Although we are proud of all the locations God has provided us to work in, we are also determined to reach the countries on this map that are largely untouched or hostile to the Biblical theistic worldview. It is our hope that with your support, prayer, and involvement that we can make these future missions a reality.

Meet Our Team:


Mike Kellett

Mike is our Senior Minister.




As our Global Minister, Robert corresponds with our ambassadors and contacts all over the world. He is also an elder at WFR Church. Robert has three kids, four grandkids, and has been happily married for 45 years.



Ryan is our Chief Development Officer. He has a business degree from Harding University, where he met his wife Miranda. Ryan enjoys playing music, spending time with his family, and mentoring a local college group.




Derek is our Graphic Designer. He studied Studio Art at Louisiana Tech University and Entertainment Design at Gnomon School of Visual Effects. He enjoys drawing, martial arts, and spending time with his family.




Kyle is our Videographer. He studied Film at Full Sail University at Winter Park, Florida. Kyle likes science, history, and movies, an interest he shares with his wife, Brandi.


Beverly Dobbs

Beverly is our Office Administrator and has served at WFR Church for over 30 years. She and her husband Danny have been married 42 years and have 3 children and 7 grandchildren. Beverly loves being able to serve those in need through WFR Church, whether it is organizing weddings, funerals, church-wide events, or relief work.