Biblical Worldview Training

All human behavior is dictated by their worldview. A worldview is the lens through which a person filters their interpretation of life and the world around them. What is real? What is true? What is good? The answers to these types of questions are based on someone's worldview.


world radio broadcasts

Although we have used every form of mass media, radio is still the most popular form of communication in the world. Since 1963, God has opened doors all around the world for us to empower local leaders with the tool of radio broadcasting. Millions of people have access to the Gospel every day through this ministry.


biblical instruction

The chief purpose of life is the knowledge of God. Using the Bible as a cornerstone of instruction allows people all around the world to fulfill their design and match their thoughts with reality. Purpose, meaning, and value can be found in understanding who you are and who God designed you to be. From schools to churches, we provide resources for local Christians to teach their own communities.


leadership training

By utilizing classes in native languages, national conferences, and short-term training events, we provide opportunities for empowering local and national leadership, as well as community engagement.


short-term missions

Short-term missions can be a very effective tool when directed by local Christian leadership. When local Christians request our help with an event, need, or disaster.