Ginna's Story

By Ryan Lee

The story of how a World Radio broadcast brought one Colombian woman to Christ.


After Ginna put her kids to bed each night, it was her time. She spent most of it crying. She felt many emotions: anger, sadness, frustration. But mostly she felt rejected. She felt alone. While her 2-year-old son and 6-month-old daughter peacefully slept in their beds, Ginna was beset with the realization that she was now a single mother. She was on her own, by herself…alone.

Her husband had been tangled up in an affair, and (after divorcing Ginna) married his mistress. He started a new family, abandoning Ginna and their 2 children. Not only did she feel rejected by her ex-husband, but because she was now a divorced woman, she felt rejected by her family and her community as well. How could her life possibly continue? 

It was 2011, and Ginna was working in a law office in Bucaramanga, Colombia. Her friends and co-workers told her she needed to seek God. She didn’t quite understand what this meant. “Where is He? How can I find Him?” she pondered. So at night, after she put the kids to bed and after she composed herself, she began reading the Bible. Not sure even how to do it, she started reading Scriptures. In no particular order, Ginna just opened up to any chapter, any verse, and started studying.

Eventually, she came to know who this man Jesus was. Captivated by the fact that he would leave his throne to become like us, she fell in love with him. Why would he become human when humanity was so complicated? When everyone around her was rejecting her, Jesus accepted Ginna and loved her unconditionally. She was amazed and perplexed by his love all at the same time.

Soon after, during her study, she read the story of the Ethiopian eunuch. The eunuch asked the question “What prevents me from being baptized?” That question started to rattle around in Ginna’s mind. At the time, she wasn’t going to church, but some of her co-workers were religious, and she started asking them about baptism. Ginna sought counsel from her co-workers, she went to several different churches, and she talked to her family and friends. However, the advice she received was conflicting, and she never received a straight answer.  Nobody could tell her why she had this deep longing to be baptized, and why it was or wasn’t important. 

One afternoon, as Ginna was driving in her car, she turned on the radio to listen to music. After skipping around a few stations, she landed on a World Radio broadcast, led by One Kingdom speaker Ricardo Torres. Ricardo and his guest that day were talking through Acts Chapter 8 and happened to be talking about the eunuch. Ginna almost had to pull the car over. They were talking about the eunuch’s decision to be baptized, and what it meant to be baptized. They discussed how some religions confused the idea of baptism and often promoted incorrect practices. Ginna felt as if they were telling her story over the radio. She got to her office and immediately called the radio station. 

Ricardo Torres preaches at a local church in Bucaramanga, where most of the members have come to know Christ through World Radio. He says that it often takes people several years to get engaged through the radio, but when they do, they buy in quickly. So the program gets a lot of ‘long-time listeners, first time callers.’ Ginna was quite the opposite: a first time listener, first time caller. This was actually quite shocking to Ricardo. As she called the program, she told him her story and said, “I want to be baptized.” 

Before the end of the day, Ricardo and his team were at Ginna’s office. They studied together for several days and a week later, Ginna was in the water being baptized. 

Before her baptism, Ginna’s story was one of questions: “Why am I alone? Who could love me? Why is this happening to me?” Now, her story is one of affirmation. Those trials were there for her to grow, mature and to find Jesus. She may have lost a lot of things along the way, but she gained a Savior and brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world. Today, Ginna lives in Medellin, Colombia, is an active member in her church, and can’t wait to tell her story to anyone who will listen. Sometimes, after she puts the kids to bed, when it’s her time, she finds herself in tears. This time, however, they’re tears of joy.