The Scandal of the Gospel

By Ben Adkins


How many times did Jesus offend those who thought they had it all together? How many times does that happen today? Better yet, how many times has he offended you with the call to follow him and him alone with a heart abandoned?

To the Jews, an invitation of salvation to the gentile dogs seemed like heresy. Not only did God offer salvation, but He also offered us the opportunity to be a part of His Kingdom in the roles of ambassadors, priests, and kings. This was crazy talk to the chosen people of Israel. It was heresy. They did not understand God’s view of who Israel really is (including us gentiles as well).

He came in the most humble way to provide a way for us sinners to be with Him forever.

He ate with tax collectors.

He let women be His followers.

He hung out with sinners.

He elevated lowly prostitutes.

He healed the broken, inside and out.

He offers to do the same today through His body, the church.

The teachings of God’s only Son turned everything that was understood on its ear in such a way that frustrated the closed-minded and self-righteous. Yet, the one with open eyes could see the truth of this kingdom invitation.

What an offer! We can now experience life in the Kingdom of God, cleansed from our past sin, freed from the present struggle with sin through the power of the Holy Spirit within us, and freedom from the presence of all sin when we are with Him face to face at home in heaven.

So, when you are feeling like you are not worthy to be a part of this and your sin is too ugly, you are wrong; it is much, much worse.

You have been separated by your own sin that you did on purpose in order to follow your own way and you turned up your nose at your creator. You deserve your paycheck: death and hell.

But, this is the beauty of God’s grace. You don’t deserve it, yet He made a way through His perfect sacrifice for you to be an integral part of His Kingdom. 

The Gospel of the King

By Derek Poole

It’s been quite a year. Back in January, we launched One Kingdom with the intention of drawing World Radio, WFR Relief, and future ministries together under one banner that clearly and boldly states that we are disciples of the one true king. This was no easy task. While our entire team had their own obligations with this transition, I was responsible for completely re-branding an organization that has been familiar to its community for over 50 years.

While World Radio is still a huge part of this ministry, that logo and brand only tells that one part of the story—broadcasting. The same is true for WFR Relief. So, while we are involved in missions, relief, and Gospel broadcasts, we do much more. All of this Christ-centered work needed to be brought together under a single name and vision that we can carry into the future.

We chose the name One Kingdom because, in reality, there is only one real kingdom for us to take part in. It’s why we’re here. It’s our purpose. You and I are created to speak life into others, to  live selflessly, and to love without condition. We’re called to build and shape this world into something beautiful, instead of letting it fall into darkness.

For our logo, we were drawn to the crown of thorns. This indicates not only Christ’s authority, but also his humility and sacrifice. After all, our king is a very different one...not concerned with earthly, material riches, but with what is far more valuable.

Personally, I had been drawn to the red and white color scheme for years. Several brands use it successfully: Chick-fil-a, Puma, Target, Red Cross, etc. In our culture, it represents both passion (red) and purity (white). Studies show that human beings respond more strongly to red than any other color. For Christians specifically, I felt that the color red was symbolic of the blood that was shed for our redemption.

With all of this in place, we wanted to be bold about this new direction, with absolute clarity about who we are and what we’re about. We didn’t want there to be any question about what kind of organization we are. I think we’ve achieved that.

Branding and graphic design aside, we are also proud to welcome a new team member, Kyle Gilmore, who is our new videographer. Kyle is a Texas native and Full Sail University alumnus with extensive experience in the media industry. We are extremely excited about having him on board to help us tell people’s stories and share the Gospel. You may have already seen some of his work on our app, YouTube, or social media pages.

Speaking of which, it is our sincere hope and prayer to reach people with the Gospel in each of their unique cultures, and that includes our own. To do this, we are serious about connecting with believers through newer mediums such as video, the Internet, apps, social media, and more. As you may know, this increased connectivity has allowed us to share the stories of those in the mission field from around the world in a way that has never been possible before.

No matter the method, we are committed to this work. Our goal is to collaborate with our ambassadors, World Radio speakers, and contacts to let you know what is going on in each region of the globe and how your support is enabling countless lives to flourish and follow Christ.

There’s no limit to how the Gospel can be spread. We’re extremely humbled and passionate about the opportunities God has provided. We hope you’ll join us in this awesome calling to fulfill The Great Commission for our King.