Cultural Development

The impact of Christ carries beyond eternity into daily life. Through development works driven by local Christians, the Gospel makes a tangible difference in the way people live and function in their communities. Our goal is to help societies flourish.


Appropriate technology

Because God has made us to be creators, empowering people with simple yet effective appropriate technology not only makes life easier, but also opens the mind to endless possibilities. Water purification, shelter construction, safe cooking methods, and medicine/sanitation are all part of this process.


sustainable energy practices

These include agriculture techniques that restore poor soils and enable people to grow their own food in the harshest of environments. Practices we utilize include Farming God's Way, animal husbandry, conservation tillage, aquaponics, and food preservation.


empowering local leadership

Empowering people to give back to their communities is special. This allows for folks to impact their neighbors on a personal level which promotes opportunities for discipleship.