Disaster Relief & Recovery

Since 1980, our relief ministry has worked in over 50 countries to alleviate suffering brought by famine, war, or storm. Providing help through all stages of relief (from first response to the recovery and development stages), we have poured truth, grace, and love into people in their greatest time of need.


First response/economic recovery

Our global network of ambassadors allows us the opportunity to work all around the world as quickly as possible following disaster events. Empowering the local church with resources enables Christians in the area to impact people's lives in times of crisis. Initial stages of response include search & rescue, food & water, medical care, and shelter. 


community building

The bonds built during times of disaster can inspire a community to unity when properly fostered. This can greatly aid the rebuilding process. Recovery stages benefit by cooperation in a community: people working together bring their society back to a stage of normalcy.


long-term development

Full recovery from a disaster can take several years. Applying a Biblical worldview can restore and knit communities together, creating a stronger bond. Orphanages to care for children who have lost parents in a disaster, aftercare programs for traumatized survivors, and job creation for those who are starting over are part of this process.