One Kingdom’s Mission in Haiti




What are we doing?

We are launching a compressed earth brick business! This process will empower Haitians to cultivate soil compositions from their own country, use machinery to bake the soil composition into strong, dense bricks, and build their own structures.

Money earned from this business will go directly back into their community.


Why are we doing this?

We firmly believe that God intends for people to flourish. Through this work, jobs will be created and sustained. Churches, schools, houses, and orphanages will be built. And not only that, but these structures will be far, far stronger than what currently exists in Haiti.

In the past, when Haiti was devastated by earthquakes, a major cause for the severity of the damage was due to flimsy construction that crumbled under the slightest movement. We aim to help solve this problem.


How will this be done?

This initiative will be Haitian-led. This enables them to directly control their own destiny and provide an impact in their communities in a way that we could never do as foreigners.

We believe that by empowering them in this way, it will give them the best opportunity to flourish and change their nation. Scroll down to see how this process works!



Dirt is collected, analyzed, and tested before being transported to the brick-making facility.


92-96% SOIL

This composition ensures that each brick will have optimal density and strength. Ideally, the soil composition consists of around 65-80% sand, 0-20% silt, and 10-20% clay.


The dirt mix is then further separated and refined before being fed into the compressed brick machine.


The mix is fed into the machine, which heats, compresses, and forms the mixture into a brick shape.


The bricks are stacked, covered with plastic, and left to cure for 7-14 days to ensure maximum hardness.


After this period, the bricks are now ready to be used as material for building structures.