India: 4th Quarter, 2017

By Asee Darla


In India, we are continuously encouraging our regular students to learn more about the Kingdom. Last month, we received 39 new responses and 47 previous responses. I traveled to Nagarjuna Sagar for a two-day Bible seminar and personal studies with two families that are preparing to get baptized. 

My daughter, Sowjanya, and John Lee were so happy to have me in their ministry. We have problems continuously with our government, and there are indications that we will have more problems in the future. I am grateful Brother Ben is making efforts to bring Sanjay to the U.S., and I pray we will receive help.

I am eagerly waiting to meet our family there and be with you to encourage each other by our faith. If every thing goes well, we will meet soon. We love you and feel very comforted whenever we think about you.