Uganda: 4th Quarter, 2017

By Waibi Robert


It is hard to express in words the encouragement the church ministry brings to people. We have shared God’s word, the deep spiritual walk, and the power it brings about.

At Lwanda Church, we regularly fight addictions, loneliness, temptations, and share our spiritual experience. We inspire hope to people who are harshly being tormented with bad habits, diseases, sickness, and demons.

For Super Sunday and the Radio Evangelistic Ministry, I addressed real issues in the lives of faith. The theme of the teaching was ‘Building a godly character.’ The number one step to building a Godly character is humility. Jesus is always the best example for humility; he was gentle and humble (Matthew 11:29).

Some have been rebuked who have become prideful with their gifts that God has given. He informed the congregation that, “man is an instrument in God’s hands and all we have is God–given.’

God’s love for us never changes. Our invitation is open to whomever may be interested to join us morally, spiritually, and financially. Through your gifts, struggling brothers and sisters will be able to receive the encouragement and hope. We will be happy to share these blessings with you.