Peru: 1st Quarter, 2018

By Rodolfo Casas


Each day, the church becomes better known through the radio program, relying on  sound doctrine and exposing the Gospel. In these last two months we have been emphasizing everything related to the family, since it is a great need of our people. Our brothers  and sisters are sharing the program, and many people have begun to take an interest in teaching.

Sometimes they call us asking us simple questions, and when we give them Biblical answers they say they never knew such things.

We want to express our gratitude for all the efforts and love that keeps the Gospel going through the radio program Con la Biblia Abierta to Peruvian. We are grateful that the church is making itself known and Christ is being glorified. The members of the different congregations here also feel edified with these Biblical teachings, and we have had several baptisms recently.

Thank you very much for making this program a blessing. God continues to prosper and sustain you.