Philippines: 1st Quarter, 2018

By Daniel A. Oliva


Radio evangelism is a great way to share Christ here. Church members in Malasigue, Pangasinan and Gerona, Tarlac are inviting me to teach radio/WBS contacts in their hometowns. I have am planning to visit these places and teach both members and nonmembers of the church. Please, include these in your prayer list.

A ‘seeker’s class’ was started at Sta. Rosa, Nueva Ecija in the Military Reservation in December. Along with brethren from Cabanatuan City, we taught a lesson on unity. I encountered a problem, because one of the children is deaf-mute, but she can read the Bible. I have to re-learn my sign language lessons to be able to communicate with her. We in the Philippines are ever grateful for helping. God bless.