Russia: 1st Quarter, 2018

By Natasha Podryachikov


If you remember, one of our sisters in Christ, Sashulya, ended up in the hospital with some extreme pain in her stomach. Thanks be to God; not only did the surgery go well, but recovery also was speedy. She will go back to work this week. We appreciate all your thoughts and prayers about Sashulya.

December was an amazing month! I was so excited to see that God blessed us with many opportunities to share the good news with people this season. I host annual Christmas celebrations at the local girl’s school and at church. This year was not an exception,  and there were several changes which I was excited for. This year at school, I was allowed to host this party for all grades. To my surprise, there was a big group of elementary kids. The teachers also helped  me with the preparations for this event.

It was a pleasure to see that all these kids were looking forward to this party. During story time, it was nice to see how the children all had open hearts for God. I talked to the principal afterward, and it was great to hear that they started putting my Christmas celebration officially on their school calendar.

This year the church also had many children that brought their friends as well. The members of the church actively participated in hosting the Christmas event.

This was the first time that Dennis and I noticed how we did not need to lead and host the party. The adults initiated in areas where they were confident. During the celebration at church, the main point of the story about Jesus was: our God is a God who is giving and sharing what He has. Everyone was so inspired that after the party they gathered and discussed the plans they had for the ministry and the church, which was very exciting.

On the horizon, we have an upcoming seminar on financial management,  a three day getaway that concentrates on edification and encouragement, and an outreach in Kazakhstan held by the church in Degtyarsk. Please pray for these works. The house church in Degtyarsk prays for more members, and our friend Oksana prays for the growth of God’s Kingdom in Uralmash, and also in her home country of Uzbekistan.

Because of Christmas, we were able to give other people and friends blessings and spread the Word of God.  I would like to thank everyone who helped with their continuous support and giving. You bless us every Christmas, and we are thankful for this.