Benin: 2nd Quarter, 2018

By George Akpabli


The Agon Church of Christ and their evangelist Casimir invited us for a 3-day event of open-air preaching. They have begun a new preaching point in Hoeugbo. After our departure and their follow-up, they baptized 10 souls to begin a new congregation.

Casimir and his congregation led us to another town called Savi, where we repeated what we did in Houegbo. When the call for obedience was made, several people came forward and went on their knees in prayer. We left them in the hands of the preacher and the church leaders for follow-up.

From March 22–25 we did a follow-up work in the village of Dassa, where for days we preached day and night with the evangelist there, Pascal.

From March 26–28, we responded to a call from the church in Tandji. They have been waiting for us for months as our calendar has been absolutely full. We had three nights of preaching and Gospel meetings there.

Our work in this village was very challenging. One night one of our amplifiers broke down, we put in the second one, and during our preaching all of our horn speakers went dead. We replaced them with the box speakers. Then the second amplifier also went down. We realized it was not only equipment fatigue—we were also very tired, so we returned to Cotonou after worship with our brethren. It was with great joy that we received the phone call that ten souls were baptized.

We are now taking a little rest as we have our bus repaired, change of oils, filters, and the engine belt were needed, as well as our PA systems.

Thanks for your prayers brethren.