Dominican Republic: 2nd Quarter, 2018

By Prudencio Rodriguez


My brothers, I give you a special greeting that God extends many years of life to all who love the Lord.

I want to tell you that in this year we have entered with more encouragement and more faith, with just one reason to bring one more soul at the feet of Jesus Christ.

In response to our World Radio program, we received many calls from listeners congratulating us for all we did in the past year and continue to bring many blessings this year, thank God we maintain good contacts with our hearing friends. In this month we had two baptisms they are: Olanda Micell and Rosenne Pierre.

Brother Ben, I want you to keep praying for our Haitian brothers here in the country. Although many of them are legalized, they endure the impossible—that is, they are suffering a lot here in our own nation.

Recently, I had to intercede with the Dominican authorities. Here in a Dominican prison, a brother was imprisoned, because I was carrying a copy of his identification card and not the original card (because it had been lost).

Thank God that I was able to get him out of the prison and I didn’t have to  take him back to Haiti (the authorities had a truck full with more than 50 Haitians ready for deportation). I gave this brother an evangelist identification card for the authorities to consider, and I am willing to do everything that is within my reach to take care of these Haitian brothers. Right now there is a migration of Haitians to the Dominican Republic and, both when they enter and come out, it is affecting both nations.