Mission Update: East Africa

By Charles Cheruiyot

The journey to freedom from the bondage of sin starts once people come out of their denial and realize that they are powerless. Without  help from God, the creator of the universe and sustainer of lives, human beings will not find lasting peace and rest. God has given us ministries to reach out and help connect humankind to their maker, as we teach and walk with them through the journey to that freedom.

I recently attended a one week training after we got an invitation to participate in a ministry called Restore Small Groups. I took our facilitators from Makueni, Nakuru, and Eldoret and they really enjoyed the training. Even though we doubted attending due to cost, God opened a way and we got support for accommodation and food courtesy of our American friends. I managed to help with transport, and we thank God for the provision and safe travel.

Reports indicate that the Celebrate Recovery facilitators in Makueni, Nakuru, and Eldoret are implementing the small group’s recovery programs, which is working well. Attendance is increasing weekly. Some of the challenges we are facing is getting conducive facilities for the program (and this is common in all our churches and meeting locations), thus the need to build classrooms and amenities within our locations where we minister. Prayer requests for acquisition of the facilities are welcome.

I called our brother Morisho from Mombasa and shared what the Lord is doing in our ministries. The report from Kisii also encouraged us—Simon Ongiri informed us of great progress with the orphanage and radio outreach.

I traveled to Nairobi, Nakuru, and Kericho counties and found out that there has been much suffering in the lives of the people there. According to Kenya Red Cross and government agencies, the worst areas are the northern parts of Kenya like Baringo, Turkana, and Marsabit (and surrounding counties), where livestock has died due to prolonged drought.

I give thanks to God for the gift of good ministry partners in the USA, Africa, and other places who are standing with us in mission work. Special thanks to Ben, Robert, and his team for praying and assisting us with a mission vehicle, which is being prepared as I write this report. I went to Nairobi–based Mobius Motors and made an order with the advice from Ben and Robert. Soon, it will be ready, and our mission work will be made more easy and convenient.

Joseph Maiyo, a speaker in the Kalenjin language, reported that he planted a new church recently. He is praying for them to get shelter as they increase in numbers. Ezekiel Ngososei and Sosten Kering are working tirelessly to get the Gospel on the air and do follow-up in their communities. They each preach once a week and are getting good feedback from the audience. Herbert Opula, who speaks the Luhya language, told me to convey greetings to you and let you know that the work of spreading the Gospel is going great.


Our churches have been supporting mission work for the Datooga tribe of Tanzania, where Zephaniah and Gladys are currently volunteer missionaries. After retiring from teaching, Zephaniah decided to take the Gospel to the Datooga tribe (a sub-tribe of the Kenyan Kalenjin tribe). The Datooga tribe are mostly farmers and cattle raisers.

The Datooga mission work there is overseen by Churches of Christ in Kipsigis, which took first the initiative to reach out to the tribe. We’ve gotten reports that the work there is going well. I’m planning to visit them as soon as the new Mobius is ready. We are praying for the work of God in Tanzania and other parts of East Africa to continue smoothly.

*Special Report: Flash Flooding in Kenya
At the time of this writing, there has been recent flash flooding in parts of Kenya. We have friends and churches in the affected areas who need relief.

Currently, they need food, clothing,  and medical attention due to diseases associated with the rain. I’m willing to travel to affected areas with my team to offer relief and support in any way, but we lack funds. Recently, we donated five bags of maize to Budalangi (near Uganda).

We have prayer requests for families affected by flash floods near Nakuru City last night. 41 people lost their lives when a water dam burst and swept across the village. Over 500 families are camping at a school nearby and are in desperate need of food and materials to keep them warm.

So far, 158 people have died since the onset of the rain. I have requested church members in Nakuru to visit the victims and help where they can. Thank you for your prayers and support.