Nepal: 2nd Quarter, 2018

By Asee Darla


Sanjay and I traveled to Kathmandu. Brother Pramodh, Brother Krishna, and Brother Ramananda received us well at our regular place, the Tibet guest house.

The next morning, we went to see a house that we are renting to use for mission work. We are using one room for radio ministry, a room for Bible classes, a room for students to stay, and another room for Brother Krishna, who will be there working there. We purchased furniture, bedding, and computer equipment. We’ve also applied for a land line telephone connection. In other words, the house is all set to be used for our mission.

The weather has been bad for traveling, so we felt we might have only a few students, but that was not the case. I was so glad to see their commitment. After I began talking with them, I realized most of them had memorized The Sermon on the Mount. That is a deal everywhere for those who want to work with us. That gave me good encouragement. Next, we had a three-day preaching class. On the last day, we had two students tell us how hard it was for them to get to Kathmandu. I am so grateful for your prayers.

We then went to the radio station to record future programs. We are trying to keep at least three months worth of programs on hand for the radio station there. We are also planning to run a Bible correspondence course in both English and Nepali languages. This will be our future work. We plan on visiting Nepal every quarter throughout the year. Students will also come to see us in Nellore once a quarter. We’ve chosen a quarterly system because many times the weather is bad and travel can be dangerous.

We are still looking for a husband and wife whom we can trust to take care of orphaned children. As you may know, when Brother Ben visited Kathmandu, we started helping one of our sisters who is running an orphanage. I visited these children and made arrangements to help with their present needs. We gave them rice, vegetables, bathing soap, etc.

This trip was overall a satisfactory trip and we returned home safely. It gave me a clear idea as to what is needed for the Nepal ministry. You know how much we depend on your prayers and blessings.