Sri Lanka: 2nd Quarter, 2018

By Asee Darla


In Sri Lanka last month, we sent one of our preachers, Moses Raghu, who trained under me to Colombo. He went there and brought a good report.

There is a special situation—there is a Telugu community who have not had anybody to teach them Bible in their native language for the last 40 years. As you may or may not know, I belong to Telugu community. So, we are arranging a FM Radio program for them in both Telugu and Tamil languages. Sanjay and Moses will also actively engage in helping and training native preachers for One Kingdom. I do not go there every month, but may be once every quarter.

I need your prayers. This way, I can have a continuous relationship with the Colombo Church of Christ and the brethren for whom I labored for several years and continue our mission.