Trinidad and Tobago: 2nd Quarter, 2018

By Mahase Bissoondath


Dear brethren,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Praise and thanks be to God for your labor of love in the Gospel. We have just concluded a four-night revival and had one soul restored and between eight to twelve visitors each night. The radio program seemed to be a common factor among our visitors.

We have had five baptisms in our area (the north) linked to the radio program. Our television program was in jeopardy due to a lack of funds to cover the cost of production and air time. However, the TV station reduced their cost and the production man reduced his cost, both indicating that the program should not be stopped. These are non-Christian people, by the way. What is this saying to us in the Kingdom? Lately there has been keener interest by the congregations to support the program.

I have found another brother to assist me with the radio program and another with the television production. The programs continue to generate interest, but conversions are slow-coming. Most people don’t even think it’s possible to have a true Gospel, and they follow what is generally accepted—believe in Jesus and join a church of your choice. We pray that the Lord of harvest would grant us an increase and much fruit in our labors. We must keep on preaching and seeking the lost as there are still those who are searching.

We thank you for your support and pray for continuance.


Mahase Bissoondath