Turkey: 2nd Quarter, 2018

Name withheld for security


Dear Partners in Christ,

Our ministry among refugees continues to grow and expand no matter what challenges we face.

The church in Istanbul baptized 28 people last year, but just a few months ago, 13 more refugees came to know Christ! With our refugee leaders, baptism classes have begun alongside other Bible studies. Seven months ago, these Bible studies were started among refugee families in Istanbul and now it continues among  five different groups in different parts of Istanbul.

This year, groups will study about what it means to be a Christian and a true family. Besides Bible study, our groups will continue to visit new families as they arrive in Istanbul. Many refugees are trying to move to larger cities for work (and other reasons), and goodness doesn’t always greet them!

Refugee Church in Istanbul grew so much and with the help of Bahcelievler Grace Church, we have tried to rent a new place and repair it as a church building. But this new church location has bothered the neighbors and surrounding neighborhood.

So, the municipality had to shut down this new church location after many complaints. The place is still available, but we cannot use it. We would love you to join us with your prayers to seek His guidance!

God continues His work among these groups. Our prayers are for them to root in Him and build their faith on strong foundations! We also continue to pray about how we can serve. As we walk with them, it is wonderful to see His wonders. We rejoice and are blessed by His Spirit!